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sosyal medya pazarlama We're different from other ad groups, because the ad application is made to the social network and the ad is displayed only in its own content on the social network. The ability to make ads based on many targeting criteria like education, age, gender, and city is one of the target audience and popularity boosting features.

According to international researches about the social media effects, 70% of travelers are updating their status while on holiday, while 46% of travelers are checking in on social sites such as Facebook, and Foursquare.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the most advantageous types of ads you can publish your ads on. There are many targeting criteria such as education, age, gender and city. Facebook ads have two types of ad delivery options: click-through (CPC) and per-impression (CPM).

The campaign, which is under constant control, is supported by analysis and reporting operations and at the end of the campaign all the data is presented in a report.

These economical and flexible ads can be repeated with the same or different criteria according to your budget. With the rapid increase in the use of social media and especially Facebook, it has taken its place among the important elements of web marketing strategy.

Facebook, Twitter, Forsquare, Linkedin, Flickr and dozens of them

According to the sectors, expectations, and trends you serve, we offer ĘDA solutions to increase your brand in social media tools such as determining the right and most effective social media tools, creating accounts, managing accounts, offering design options, increasing followers, and delivering effective messages.

It is not possible to reach the goals only by opening an account in social media tools, following-up or liking, and sharing each photo. You need to be "social." We offer schematic and creative solutions to thrill the people in your sphere of influence without boring them, to increase their participation, and to get their comments and likes.
Social Posts and Digital Campaigns

With social media strategies, we ensure the continuity of your visitor flow.
Digital campaigns are one of the important ways in which the digital positioned brands, social media accounts, and internet sites can address the continuity of their visitor flow.

Digital campaigns can include social media and web pages, as well as being a work that can be created in the context of small competitions or can be completely guided by information content.
We combine the power of social media with the activity of digital campaigns and transform you into a power that direct your company in social media.