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1. Meeting

In line with the brief provided by you, all the details of a web design application that meets your needs will be determined. Your corporate identity and sector will be examined.

2. Analysis

Your company, sector you are in and your rivals will be analyzed and web design solutions that are best suited for your corporate identity will be determined specially for you.

3. Graphic

Design work that reflects you and belongs just to you will be prepared with unique drawings.

4. Programming

Responsive features of your web page are strengthened with updated HTML5 and CSS3 to ensure your page can be viewed on all screen sizes.

5. Managing

With our web design solution IDA Panel, you can easily access your website and edit, add or delete content.

6. SEO

Web pages that are designed by IDA are 100% SEO compatible. SEO studies to make sure that you are always ahead of everyone and that you are one of the leaders of the sector in the cyber world are included with our web design service.

7. Marketing

With proper keywords, search visibility, and user-friendly solutions, contents of your website give you access to every marketing opportunity whether you want to advertise your website or you want to get advertisements to your website.

8. Social

Web design is all social now. You can share your whole website, a page from your website or just a section from a page on social media channels. You can log in through Facebook and Google+. You can transfer social media comments to your website.

We offer you systems that you can manage with updatable content, dynamic infrastructure, admin panel that is easy to understand.

We offer unique, modern and radiant alternatives for times when visuality and imagination are effective…

We make sure that you are seen everywhere, on every platform and in every media.

With our history in hotel sector and our vision; we make Website Designs and Online Reservation systems that are suitable to corporate and company structures for hotel, boutique hotel and hotel chains.

We offer special systems that travel agencies can make online sales of hotels, tours, airplane ticket and transfers. With these systems agencies can create their own data and/or connect to an outer agency with xml integration.

We put your company on the map with a website that is true to your corporate identity.

We make your websites suitable with computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone and mobile devices...